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Tyical cafés and taverns

Ultime Atome

Ultime Atome
© Ultieme Atome

L'Ultime Atome is the bar on rue Saint-Boniface, near the European Parliament, that is ideal for a quiet drink alone or to put the world to rights.

  • Warm up for a night out in Brussels.
  • Brussels lives.
  • The Saint-Boniface quarter.

Meet you at Ultime Atome

Right beside the Saint Boniface church, you can sit down with friends or colleagues and discuss the world's problems. Everyone meets up at Ultime Atome at all hours of the day. You will find yourself mingling with a variety of people from breakfast to dinner, or just simply for a nice refreshment. It's the perfect meeting place to start your night out in Brussels.

A vibrant neighbourhood in the heart of Brussels

Ultime Atome is the cafe that brings this part of Ixelles to life. On the corner of the street, its large terrace quickly fills up when the sun shines. Inside, you'll find a typical cafe decor: large columns, wooden furniture, and art deco-style lighting. The digital youth can easily connect with the world and major European press is provided, should the fancy take you.


Ideally placed between the European institutions and the Matongé quarter (the African quarter of Ixelles), the Place Saint-Boniface is one of the prettiest squares in the capital. The church and the newly renovated neighbourhood has always welcomed the young and the not-quite-so-young as they start their nocturnal escapades.

Ultime Atome, its the starting point of your nights out in Brussels.


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