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famillesVisit : Chip Shop

Chip Shop - Friterie Charles

Chip Shop - Friterie Charles
© Top 49 - Fritkots Bruxelles.

In 1956, Charles started churning out chips and deep fried morsels in fairs around Brussels

There's only one period of year he doesn't like, and that's winter. It's decidedly less fun when temperatures go below zero. That's when Charles installs his caravan on the place Dumon. And the mayonnaise set immediately!

In 50 years, the neighbourhood has changed a great deal. Banks, perfume shops, eateries have sprung up around the chip shop, as well as a cinema.

Close to the Stockel metro station, with most of the walls covered with Tintin characters, Charlie's chip shop reminds you of a Gaul village from Asterix, surrounded by Roman garrisons. Charlix chip shop still resists the invaders.

©Original Text: Julien Thomas.

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