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Chez Fernand

Chez Fernand
© Top 49 - Fritkots Bruxelles.
  • Address:
    Avenue Georges Henri 187
    1200 Brussels (WOLUWE-SAINT-LAMBERT)

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Laurent is happy to have found the "Suprême". Together with chips, hamburgers have become the speciality "Chez Fernand".

A round and tender sandwich, 100 % pure beef, a leaf of lettuce, two slices of tomato, a sprinkle of onions and some giant sauce.

Laurent took over the family torch and continues the tradition of quality chips . Since he was 16, he has been slicing his Bintje potatoes himself and he's certainly not going to change his ways.

But he was young and had a young man's ambitions, so he decided to add "something different" to give his chip shop an extra boost. During a food fair he inaugurated the family Pack at €6, a huge tub of chips for 4 to 5 people.

In 2006, he also added kebabs and a series of culinary gadgets, but found his really added-value in 2009, while he was watching a programme on the USA on hamburgers. Jumping up with excitement, he leaped for the kitchen: he had finally found the answer: the Supreme, a hamburger he now serves with a large tub of chips.

© Julien Thomas