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The Maca
At the foot of the town hall, Maca, a mischievous child climbs over the railing of the town hall. This bronze statue was made in 1962 by sculptor Jean GODART. The Maca symbolizes the impulsive and derisive spirit of the residents of Wavre. He also represents the first residents of Wavre, who got the bill of freedoms in 1222.
The Crapaute
Maca needed a kindred soul. This is why the 'Crapaute' (toad) was created in 1987 on the basis of the drawings of Dominique PIERRE and the sculpture of Yvon Mattagne.
This funny child is squatting down at the edge of a pond in the form of a water lily and holds out his hand to a...toad. Water is coming out of the mouth of the toad. The sculpture is located at the Court of Honour, behind the old house De l'Escaille.


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