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The Hanging Gardens in Thuin

The Hanging Gardens in Thuin
© WBT - Bruno D'Alimonte

Discover the Hanging Gardens in Thuin. A magnificent walk brightened up with explanatory signposts offering you an unrestricted view of the valley.

The Hanging Gardens, exceptional heritage site

Situated on the south side of the Biesmalle Valley, the Hanging Gardens in Thuin offer you a unique walk on the hills of the valley.

The little streets creeping in in the course of the hanging gardens are recognised as exceptional heritage in Wallonia.

History of the Hanging Gardens

The Hanging Gardens owe their history to the town's fortifications.

During various stages of the fortification, terraces were build on the North and South sides of the town.

The Borgeois, who lived in the fortified town, only having very small areas of greenery available, transformed these terraces into gardens.

These gardens were then used as vegetable gardens to feed the Bourgeois people.

The exceptional sunshine and the heat stored by the rubble stone walls creates a microclimate, just like the Bougeois and the monks had to make their grapevines grow.

Whatsmore, following the renovations of the Suspended Gardens in 2001, the grapevines were put back on these magnificent terraces to produce a natural sweet wine, Le Clos des Zouaves.

How can you visit the Hanging Gardens in Thuin?

Entry is free of charge all year round and a free information pamphlet (coloured map) can be found at the Tourist Office (link in French only).

The walk, which can be done independently or in a group, is marked out with 11 signs sharing the history of Thuin and the Hanging Gardens.

Come and experience the unique Hanging Gardens in Thuin.



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