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The Pouhon Pierre le Grand Monument in Spa

The Pouhon Pierre le Grand Monument in Spa
© Office du Tourisme de Spa

At the heart of Spa, the Pouhon Pierre le Grand is a splendid building that dates back to 1880 which offers you the "Spa Experience", a 360° film.
The Pouhon Pierre le Grand houses the largest spring in Spa, along with the town's Tourist Office.
The Pouhon and the Tourist Office invite you to discover the riches of the Ville d'Eaux (Water Town) and its region thanks to virtual reality. This innovating concept consists of 3 Samsung immersion stations, equipped with multimedia goggles which plunge you into a 5-minute long, 360° film.
You will be able to join migrating birds as they fly over the Fens, participate in the Spa 24 Hours race on the most beautiful race track in the world or even take part in Stavelot Carnival. The virtual reality makes you feel like you are there.

The Pouhon and its history

The Pouhon Pierre le Grand houses one of the most plentiful and carbonated springs in the town of Spa. This large building, in the shape of a large octagonal kiosk, was built by architect Victor Besme in 1880.
In the 16th century, only a humble niche housed the spring that flowed there. It owed its name to tzar Pierre le Grand (Peter the Great), who was staying in Spa, on spa therapy, during the summer of 1717. Delighted by the results of his treatment, he had a black marble stele placed.
A vaste canvas is hung up in the Pouhon's great hall, called the "Livre d'Or de la ville de Spa" by Antoine Fontaine (1894), which shows 96 illustrious figures who are staying in Spa, among which tsar Peter the Great, Offenbach, Marie-Henriette, Emperor Joseph II of Austria, Wellington, John Cockerill, Victor Hugo and Montaigne.

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