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In 2010, the entire world discovered WikiLeaks. And the international press forgot to talk about the Fontainas affair!

A cable from the American embassy in Brussels explained why the Nato headquarters will forever be based in Brussels. The reason? The succulent chips from the Fontainas chip shop.

Let's go back to 2002 to uncover the affair, and above all the essential role played by the Barzakis family, the powerful owners of this stall huddled under the Porte de Hal.

At the time, the Belgian refusal to take part in the Gulf war aroused the ire of the White House. Rumors that the Nato headquarters would be moved to a closer country started to look like a real option.

WikiLeaks revealed that Giorgio and Polyxeni Barzakis used to provide American generals with fries dipped in mayonnaise. The couple wanted to keep their clients and decided to take action. Giorgios assembled a G5 of the five most important chip shops in the country.

A group that is feared even by the Japanese sect of sublime sushis and the Neapolitan mafia of pizzas, headed by the famous Margherita. The G5 signed the Cervelas Deal "All for fries, none without sauce".

The incredible lobbying was a success: Nato countries announced that Brussels would once more be home to the operational centre. The cable revealed that Barack Obama was convinced by fricadelles by the Fontainas chip shop.

Truth or lie? You can't say no to a cone at Fontainas. And this is not just a rumour.

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