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The Châtaigneraie: Walloon Centre for Contemporary Art in Flémalle

The Châtaigneraie: Walloon Centre for Contemporary Art in Flémalle
© Christiane Meunier

The Châtaigneraie, Walloon Centre for Contemporary Art (CWAC in French). A space to promote young artists and rediscover famous ones.

  • To promote contemporary art,
  • Offering you cultural events to match your expectations.

The Walloon Centre for Contemporary Art is situated in Flémalle, in the Liège region, in a listed park that is protected by the Walloon Region.

The CWAC's aims

The CWAC offers temporary exhibitions that demonstrate all techniques and facets of contemporary art.

There is no permanent collection and no gallery. The Châtaigneraie does not aim to sell art pieces, but instead wants to share its love of contemporary art with as many people as possible.

The Châtaigneraie collaborates with numerous other cultural institutions from Belgium and abroad, in order to expand international exchange networks as much as they can.

The origins of the Châtaigneraie

The CWAC was born out of the idea to dedicate a venue to contemporary art. The exhibitions are high quality, yet accessible and the disciplines tackled are very eclectic.

The centre aims to be a place that promotes young artists as well as a place to meet people and learn about contemporary art.

That's not forgetting the series of retrospective exhibitions of famous artists who have contributed to the history of art.

Ask for the schedule

Here you will find a list of exhibitions at the CWAC, past, present and future.

The Châtaigneraie's schedule is sure to contain an exhibition that you will love!


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