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Tabora chip shop

Tabora chip shop
© Top 49 - Fritkots Bruxelles.

A real "black Saturday for fried chips", 17 July 2010 will stay in people's memories as a cursed day for lovers of Belgian fries.

That year, the fair on the Midi Square opposite the station started with a terrible smell of burned peanut, colza and palm oil that put clients off completely. Since then, apart from white beef fat, all the chip shops had turned to vegetable oils.

But we all know that bovine fat, a famous Belgian product, gives fries their divine taste, golden colour and unbeatable crunchiness.

But symbols are important. More and more Brusselian snack bars have turned to vegetable oils.

What a pity. Globalisation is enriching when it produces crossings. At Tabora, Mohamed and his brother have understood it well and produce their own halal fats.

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