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© Top 49 - Fritkots Bruxelles.

The Brusselian chips championship has nothing to envy large sport competitions.

Some heavy-weight competitors attract the media, others vegetate in almost complete anonymity. Among these great fried-chip producers, some can't go unmentioned: the Maison Antoine and Fritland. At the beginning of the season, these two eternal rivals sharpen their knives.

Fritland, located opposite the Bourse and a stone's throw from the Grand-Place, is owned by Hasan, who stresses the importance of the excellent geographical situation. And reminds us that in the "land of fried chips", each potato should be peeled and chopped on the spot.

On this point Pascal, the current owner of the Maison Antoine, keeps a low profile. On the other hand, he enjoys an unquestionable advantage: the fame of his chip shop, which must be due to the quality of what it dishes out!

At Fritland's, the popularity of the shop is probably based more on the amount they spend in advertising. Fritland's website boasts "the best chips in Belgium", just like their rival. And, scattered everywhere you'll see sensational photos as well as a panel with "Our history", trying to create a myth on the shop's sign...

After collecting best marks from Test Achats (a quality rating independent company) regarding the quality of the fats employed, the leading local tabloid declared Fritland the winner for 2010. But watch out for the return match!

© Julien Thomas