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Breughel paintings as statues in Brussels

Breughel paintings as statues in Brussels
© WBT - J.P. Remy

As you walk through Brussels, you can discover a collection of fountains making references to works painted by Pierre Breughel the Elder.

Breughel lovers can enjoy themselves identifying the scenes represented in them. AND, people who are keen to make great discoveries will be transported by the pleasure of finding these vibrant little gems.

A little route in search of fountains inspired by Pierre Breughel:

  • Les Aveugles, detail from the work 'La parabole des aveugles' ('The Blind Leading the Blind'), 1563.
    Rue au Beurre. Metro 1, 5: De Brouckère - Trams 3, 4, 31 or 32: De Brouckère.
  • La balançoire et Saute Mouton, detail from the work 'Jeux d'enfants' ('Children's Games'), 1560.
    Place de Brouckère. Metro 1, 5: De Brouckère - Trams 3, 4, 31 or 32: De Brouckère.
  • La Galanterie, detail from the work 'Le Printemps' (Spring), 1565.
    Place du Vieux Marché au Grain. Metro 1,5: Ste Catherine.
  • Le Joueur de Cornemuse, detail from the work 'La Danse des Paysans' ('Dance of the Peasants'), 1567.
    Rue du Grand Hospice. Metro 1,5: Ste Catherine.
  • Hommes titubants, detail from the work 'Combat de Carnaval et Carême' ('The Fight Between Carnival and Lent') 1559.
    Rue de Rollebeek. Metro 1,5: Gare centrale.
  • La Moisson, detail from a 1568 drawing.
    Rue du Marché aux Fromages. Metro 1,5: Gare Centrale.