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CouplesCouple'S Visit : Discovery

Couple's Trip to Mini-Europe in Brussels

Couple's Trip to Mini-Europe in Brussels
© WBT - Thomas Blairon
Couple's Trip to Mini-Europe in Brussels
© Mini-Europe, Thierry Meeùs
Couple's Trip to Mini-Europe in Brussels
© WBT - Thomas Blairon
Couple's Trip to Mini-Europe in Brussels
© Mini-Europe, Thierry Meeùs

Mini-Europe, a miniature world that leaves you both with huge memories!

Make memories at Mini-Europe

He's always loved models and has kept the Mecano set he had as a child. She has never thrown away her dolls and cardboard houses.

At Mini-Europe, the memories from their childhood come flooding back. They relive forgotten moments as they stroll through the 350 miniature monuments from the 28 European Member States.

  • They met in Paris and had their first kiss beneath the Eiffel Tower,
  • They were in Berlin together the day after the wall came down,
  • He proposed in a gondola on a trip to Venice,
  • Their honeymoon was a visit to Spain to visit the Mancha windmills, Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela,
  • They had family holidays to Amsterdam, Pisa and Ireland...

Together they evoke their history lessons thanks to the examples of European heritage present in the park. After the First World War and the bicentenary of Waterloo, it's the Romans' turn to leave a deep imprint on European spirits.

And that's not the end, because this trip to Mini-Europe has given them plenty of ideas for their next holidays in Eastern Europe, as well as Stockholm and Prague.

And why not Zagreb in Croatia, which has just joined the European Union and Mini-Europe with its pretty St Mark's Church.

One day they'll come back to Mini-Europe with their grandchildren and share all their wonderful memories with them.

New discoveries in 2015:

  • The Romans return to the Porta Nigra: the Porta Nigra in Trier is rebuilt as on a movie set: there are stone masons, artisans, mechanisms that operate a period crane, workers finishing off a road... a little further legionnaires engage in battle, while others, in turtle formation, advance under orders from their centurion.

  • Numerous restorations have been carried out, including the Cais Ribiera in Porto and the complete renovation of the Palace of Westminster and the Houses of Parliament to give them even more detail.


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Mini-Europe, the EU's most beautiful monuments in Brussels (LAEKEN)

At the foot of the Atomium, Mini-Europe allows you to have a whistle-stop tour around Europe in a few short hours. ...
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