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Exhibition : Nature

Mushrooms revealed at the Espace Nature in Sivry

Annual exhibition on forest, field and garden mushrooms. Discover a strange and fascinating world in Sivry on 12 and 13/10/13.

These little creatures shoot from the ground and incite curiosity, interest and admiration.

It's the chance to discover and admire several hundreds of species from our regions, to brush up on the mushroom knowledge you've acquired through the years and learn even more!

All this with the help of experienced mycologists, who will be only too happy to identify the mushrooms you have picked or give you some pointers and advice.

Advice but also, tricks of the trade, whether to recognise them or for cooking them!

Every day at 2pm, you will have the opportunity to take part in a walk dedicated to the world of the fungi led by a nature guide (€3 on booking).

You will get to taste some mushroom types or original recipes, comfortably sat in the "tasting corner". And why not go home with an identification guide or a new recipe book?

Whether you're gripped by their beauty, intrigued by their mystery, or licking your lips at the prospect of seeing them in your plate, mushrooms create quite a stir.

But there are so many of them and they're so diverse! Can we trust their delicious appearance, their colours?

Are we able to name the type? It's a rather important condition if we want to eat it.

It's not easy... So come and experience a mushroom weekend, and satisfy your spirit and your taste buds!

Entry is free!


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