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Senne walks and café - Themed walks

Senne walks and café - Themed walks
© Coordination Senne

Each month, a guided tour on foot, by bike or by boat allows you to discover one of the Senne basin's watercourses. In Brussels, 08/08 to 18/12/13.

During the walk, the guide draws the participants' attention to the watercourse, its history, nature, and the threats and opportunities surrounding it.

An external speaker gives the participants insights into topical themes linked to the Senne: floods, quality, purification, its role in the landscape...

Whenever possible, the walk is followed by a drink, allowing participants the chance to have a friendly discussion.

A wide variety of visits and walks

Thursday 8 August, 4:30pm: A bicycle-boat combination from Brussels Beach to the Vilvorde Watersite between the Senne and the canal.

Thursday 5 September, 2pm: Visit to the drinking water treatment plant in Tailfer.

Sunday 22 September: As part of No-Car Day
10:30am: The Senne and the canal at the heart of Brussels
2pm: The open-air Senne and the canal in Anderlecht

Tuesday 8 October, 4pm: The 'Kerkebeek', a tributary of the Senne flowing against the current.

Thursday 7 November, 1:30pm: Visit to the Brussels-north waste water treatment plant.

Wednesday 5 December; 2:30pm (children welcome!): The underground Senne and the Brussels Sewers Museum.

An unusual walk along the Senne underground and in the sewers: around 50 metres in one of the Senne's sluices, then in a main sewer, allowing visitors to see with their own eyes a real, life-size part of the 350km of sewers forming the city's network.

Wednesday 18 December, 2:30pm: Visit to the Brussels Sewers Museum.

Useful information

The cost is €3 per person per walk and €5 for the educational cruises and bike rides!

All information can be found on the site below!


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We are not responsible for any changes in dates and/or programmes. Please contact the organiser prior to departure.