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Folklore And Tradition : History

Napoleonic Bivouacs: Battles of Plancenoit and Hougoumont

Napoleonic Bivouacs: Battles of Plancenoit and Hougoumont
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One of the biggest battles in European history, due to both its size and its consequences. Rediscover the battle in Waterloo in June 2016!

The Napoleonic Bivouacs and reconstructions will not be taking place in 2014.

Two days which will captivate history lovers with two highlights:

The battle at Maransart on Saturday at 8pm and the Duke of Wellington and the allied troops' triumphant parade on the Sunday morning in Waterloo.

2015 will be the bicentenary of this unmissable event! Don't miss out!

Saturday will see the opening of the French and allied forces' bivouacs, between 9am and 6pm.

Noon: Duke of Wellington and his general staff's dinner in the allied forces bivouac.

1 pm: Napoleon’s dinner in the garden of Napoleon’s last headquarters.

Dishes representative of Imperial food will be offered to the Emperor and his general staff.

"Napoleonic market" at the farmhouse and in the museum's park, guided tours. Refreshment area and fast food.

The French bivouac will be set up at the local “Dernier Quartier-Général de Napoléon” museum (Genappe, 4km from the Lion's Mound) and the Allies (English, Dutch and Prussians) will be set up in Hougoumont Farm orchard, Braine-l’Alleud.

This is an opportunity to get to know groups of re-enactors, have them explain the bivouacs, weapons and equipment, help to prepare meals and experience day-to-day camp life: gunfire, cannons, parades, changing of the guard and patrols.

On Saturday at 8pm you are invited to attend (free of charge) the Battle at Maransart where the allied and French troops came face to face on the fields of Hannotelet (Rue d'Anogrune at Lasne).

Sunday: Victory for the allies at Waterloo.

From 10.30am, the troops will parade through the centre of Waterloo and participate throughout the morning in entertainment between the Place de Joli-Bois and the Waterloo museum at the headquarters of the Duke of Wellington.

At 3pm in the “Dernier Quartier-Général de Napoléon”: in the orchard, doctors and ambulance people in period uniform will try to save the wounded and give first aid to the more able victims with tools and implements typical of the Napoleonic period.

An event not to be missed under any circumstances!


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