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Event : Nature

International Biodiversity Day in Wallonia

International Biodiversity Day in Wallonia
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  • Opening periods
    • Friday 22 May 2015
    • Address:
      Around Wallonia: contact the organiser for further details.

    A wave of diverse activities await you all over the region, to fittingly celebrate biodiversity. In Wallonia on 22/05/14!

    2013 was the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation and the theme of "water and biodiversity" follows on from that.

    The 2014 theme deals with exotic and invasive species, which are one of the biggest threats to biodiversity and ecology.

    Put simply, an invasive species is a living organism, animal or plant, which settles in a natural environment that isn't its own, colonises it and upsets its natural balance.

    Biodiversity includes all of earth's animal and plant life, both in the sea and on land.

    The biosphere contains between 5 and 30 million species (estimated). Around 1.7 million animal species are categorised and every year new species are discovered and added to the list.

    Unfortunately, there are also numerous species that disappear, often due to humanity's irresponsible actions.

    Discover the activities below!

    the event is also taking place in Brussels!


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