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Exhibition : Art

Nestor Outer - 1914-2014: Battle of the Frontiers Centenary

Nestor Outer - 1914-2014: Battle of the Frontiers Centenary
© Musée gaumais, mémoire vivante de la Gaume
  • Opening periods
    • from Friday 27 June 2014 to Sunday 30 November 2014
    • Address:
      Musée Gaumais
      Rue d'Arlon 38-40
      6760 VIRTONBelgium

    • MAPS: Google Maps

    This watercolour painter from Virton presents, through close to 70 works, the shattering events of August 1914 in the Gaume region. In Virton, from 27/06 to 30/11/14.

    At the time, there were no wartime painters specifically enrolled in the region to bring back images.

    Nestor Outer, conscious of a duty of remembrance, took it upon himself to illustrate the conflict in the Gaume region thus becoming a kind of wartime reporter.

    He witness everything of the military exploits and the human distress. He recorded, whether in his diary or on canvas, the history and his experiences: the burning of the village of Ethe and its ruins, the retreat from Breuvanne-Rossignol, the execution of civilians, a child leaving flowers at the grave of a fallen soldier.

    What can you say about these canvases showing exodus, the tears of civilians, a German soldier praying an Angelus or the parade of pain inflicted by this nameless tragedy?

    At the beginning of the First World War, what was called the Battle of the Frontiers, devastated a whole region, from the Lorraine to Dinant. Virton and the surrounding villages were hit heavily.

    For more than 20000 French soldiers, and almost as many Germans, the days of 22 to 24 August in Gaume were the first and last of the war.

    Yet, while the armed forces suffered hugely, we can't forget that civilians also paid a heavy price, one of the heaviest in modern times, with fires, massacres and destruction.

    The whole region still grieves, to this day, these darkest days of its history.

    As part of the First World War centenary, the Musée Gaumais will re-exhibit Nestor Outer's rare and popular work entitled Les Larmes Gaumettes.

    Don't hesitate to join the Musée Gaumais community on Facebook and discover our other First World War commemoration events.


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