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Folklore And Tradition : Festivities And Folkloric Traditions

Macralles Sabbath

Macralles Sabbath

This is one of the most authentic folkloric events in the Ardennes. The "Macralles" are witches and spellcasters. In Vielsam on 20/07/14!

60th Macralles Sabbath.

"They have noses like nutcrackers, ferocious glares, toothless mouths, wicked bottom lips and their hair is wild and filthy". During the annual Sabbath at around 10.30pm at "Tienne Messe" the crowd will follow the steep trails until they meet the torch-carrying witches at a clearing.

In the middle of the clearing a huge cauldron is simmering around which the witches recount with glee in local patois how they managed to enraged the local people throughout the year. The Sabbath is an event full of magic, laughter and horror.

The fetching of the keys at around 9 pm at the Communal Park. The Sabbath is in the place known as "Le Tienne Messe" (near the centre of Vielsalm) at around 11 pm.


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