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Folklore And Tradition : Carnival

Laetare Carnival in Tilff

Laetare Carnival in Tilff
© WBT / J. Jeanmart

Laetare means rejoice in Latin. Its also the name given to several Belgian carnivals. So why not rejoice in Tilff on 6 March 2016.

Established in 1952, "the Porais Tilffois" folkloric group, adds originality to the Laetare Parade, making it resemble a travelling vegetable garden.
Dressed up as leeks, (the pôres or porais), the members of the group dance to the tune of the "Jardiniers Mélomanes", ("the music loving gardeners"), around a giant nicknamed "Djôsèf li r'piqueû" as well as other local giants.
To remain in the festive mood and to satisfy one's hunger, there is nothing better than a bowl of traditional leek soup specially made for the occasion and of which thousands of litres are drunk every carnival.
The festivities end with the great Carnival Bonfire where the "macrâle hiver" (winter witch) will be incinerated.

In practice

The parade sets off from Saint-Anne at 2pm.


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