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Folklore And Tradition

Tradition and Folklore - The Mononck Festival or Simpélourd Festival

Tradition and Folklore - The Mononck Festival or Simpélourd Festival
© Ville de Soignies

Simpélourd (simple and heavy) or known by the people of Soignies as Mononk, (My Uncle) is the main character of the Ducasse of Soignies, 20/10/13.
This popular figure used to be the symbol of a cheated husband and was taken by the "compagnons de goguette" (drinking companions), through the town to be ridiculed.
Today, he represents the happy-go-lucky, cheerful and jokey image of the people of Soignies.
Simpélourd will appear on the Saturday at the Soignies station. From there, he will be taken through the town in full view of everyone to the Place Verte.
The effigy of Simpélourd will then be hung from one of the windows in the Place Verte where he will stay until the end of the Ducasse celebrations, after which, he will be burnt after confessing his crimes.
This event always takes place on the 3rd Sunday of October!
Saturday: departure of the parade from Soignies station in the direction of the Place Verte at 4:30pm.


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