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Sports : Race

Race: The Relais Givrés de Neder - Frozen Relay of Neder.

Race: The Relais Givrés de Neder - Frozen Relay of Neder.
© Relais Givré
  • Address:
    Complexe Sportif de Neder
    Petit Chemin Vert 99
    1120 Brussels (NEDER-OVER-HEEMBEEK)

  • MAPS: Google Maps

Hundreds of joggers in teams of 5, including a woman and a veteran. A festive and convivial atmosphere in Neder-Over-Hembeek, on 18/01/14!

This 27th edition is:

  • A relay race where team spirit is more important than personal victory
  • a race where it feels good to come together with other joggers, friends or colleagues
  • a race that takes place in winter conditions.

This original concept involves:

  • Teams of 5 joggers, including a woman and a veteran (adult over 40), run a relay race along a slopey, green route through Brussels
  • Each runner takes his/her turn running 8km before the group runs a final, collective 4km to finish off the race, making a total of 44km per team.

A similar concept, but with shorter distances, exists for children.

This event gathers some 1500 runners and more than 1500 spectators.


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