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Exhibition : History

La Garde civique dans tous ses état - Exhibition at Loncin Fort

La Garde civique dans tous ses état - Exhibition at Loncin Fort
Fort de Loncin © WBT - Fr. Mazy
  • Opening periods
    • from Thursday 16 August 2012 to Thursday 31 July 2014
    • Address:
      Fort de Loncin,
      rue des Héros 15 bis
      4431 LONCIN (ANS)Belgium

    • MAPS: Google Maps

    Discover various uniforms, flags, pieces of equipment and caricatures. An homage to the Garde Civique, in Loncin until 31/07/14.

    These pieces are from museum collections and tell the fascinating story of this largely forgotten institution.

    Between 1830 and 1914, Belgium had a National Civic Guard. This institution was active in the main cities and was responsible as much for maintaining order as for national defence.

    It was obligatory for the rich bourgeoisie to enrol in either the infantry or to join a volunteer corps. The men, armed, only trained on a handful of Sundays per year and, therefore, had no real military experience.

    There was also a legendary lack of discipline!

    In those days, they were ironically called the Sunday army.

    Nevertheless, the authorities regularly called upon them during strikes or demonstrations. These confrontations usually took place peacefully, but every now and again tempers flared!

    When the First World War broke out, more than 45000 citizen-soldiers were enlisted for surveillance missions. The German army considered these guards to be franc-tireurs and rumours of recriminations caused a lot of nervousness.

    The majority of the units were rapidly dissolved, but some from Liège, Brussels and East Flanders followed the professional army to the battlefields of the Yser.

    They participated in military operations, but were definitively relieved of their duty on 13 October 1914.

    After the First World War the civic guard disappeared completely. Nevertheless, the reputation of citizen-soldiers still speaks to our imaginations!

    Discover this historic exhibition as part of a cultural partnership with the Royal Museum of the Army and of Military History.

    Groups: all year long, booking required.
    Tickets: €2.


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