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Folklore And Tradition : Various Animations

The Village Gaulois in Liège

The Village Gaulois in Liège
© enjeu

The Gallic village is an institution in the Ardent city! A golden opportunity to combine good humour and good food! In Liège from 24/06/14 to 14/07/15! 

Around 40 chalets invite you to discover their products in the 19th occurrence of this event:
  • ham on the bone, spit-roasted ham, paella,
  • grilled fillet of duck and products from the south west of France,
  • oliebols, Savoyard tart,
  • home-made ravioli, snails ...
And various beverages:
  • handcrafted wine and beer, 
  • cocktails, cervoise and brandy..and many more!

The covered terraces in front of most of the chalets mean food and drinks can be consumed on the spot.

Liège is friendly, warm and... Gallic!

Gallic village is now a tradition which brings with it the arrival of the holidays in Liège! 

Forget exams and hard labour in overheated offices: make room for shaded terraces, the singing of cicadas and the coolness of a village which has found its feet and has a growing number of enthusiastic supporters looking forward to the opening of these stands which are synonyms of friendliness in the heart of the city...

The noise spreads into the streets and alleys of Liège: the sun is back and, with it, the Gallic Village, the pleasure of finding it again, the pleasure of going there to meet old friends and make new ones!

Who hasn't succumbed to the charms of this colourful, lively village one day or another, where good food and friendliness go hand in hand?

Don't hestitate to join the Gallic Village on Facebook!  


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  • tel. : +32 (0) 4 254 97 97
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