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Folklore And Tradition : Carnival

Carnival - Folklore and Traditions in La Roche-en-Ardenne

Carnival - Folklore and Traditions in La Roche-en-Ardenne
Didier 1er © Laurent Goffinet
  • Opening periods
    • from Friday 24 March 2017 to Sunday 26 March 2017
    • Address:
      -6980 LA ROCHE-EN-ARDENNEBelgium
    • MAPS: Google Maps

    In the last 30 years, La Roche-en-Ardenne has become one of the highlights of carnival in Wallonia. In La Roche-en-Ardennes, from 28 to 30/03/14!
    The spirit of this carnival is to show there there are more important things than profit and competition and that there are alternatives to worries and troubles and the struggle for existence.
    Come and share in this spirit and all the carnival activities that come with it! On the schedule this year:

    • The big bonfire. It will take place at Perovette and the lighting is scheduled for 7:30pm,
    • The famous pork dinner starts at 7:30pm in the Roche-en-Ardenne Castle's courtyard,
    • The children's ball, under a marquee, not forgetting the costumed carnival ball,
    • On Saturday, the streets will be buzzing in anticipation of the coronation of the 2014 Carnival Prince, followed by the traditional speech on the steps of the town hall. All this will take place to the rhythm of the Choffleux D'Buses,
    • From 9pm, traditional Saturday ball,
    • On Sunday from 10am the streets will come alive. The long awaited moment draws near for the carnival groups and their floats. The big international parade starts at 2pm. At around 4:30pm, the traditional final rondeau dance with the various brass bands, bandas, guggenmusik, etc.
    • Usually on Monday, the closing dinner under a marquee rounds off festivities at around 7:30pm. Booking is essential!

    Experience a very traditional carnival!

    In practice

    Dinner bookings can be made with the Syndicat d'Initiative of La Roche (tel: 084/36 77 36). Entry is €6. Participation in the carnival is free of charge.


    • tel. : +32 (0) 84 36 77 36
    • website :
    • email :

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    We are not responsible for any changes in dates and/or programmes. Please contact the organiser prior to departure.