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Festival : Cinema

Les Enfants terribles! European First Film Festival

Les Enfants terribles! European First Film Festival

At Format Court they like originality, especially when it comes to short films. And that's what this new Belgian festival offers in Huy, 17-20/10/13.

Les Enfants terribles! aims to follow the first works of young European directors.

At the initiative of the not-for-profit organisation FIDEC, this first festival will select between 20 and 30 short films which will then compete in the final line-up.

The schedule will be completed by first feature-length films, themed showings and programmes aimed at schools and families.

The main aim of Les Enfants terribles is the showing and publicity of first long and short European films.

Why short films?

The short film is a format allowing directors to be bold and use any genre.

It's also often the format used first by young directors. Les Enfants terribles wishes to follow the most promising among them and also show their first feature-length film.

These first films are new worlds, condensed into a few precious minutes.

Whatever their age and whatever their style, these young directors are taking part in the evolution of European cinema.

On the lookout for originality and emotions, this festival is for all those spectators who are interested in (im)pertinent cultural and cinematographic proposals.

Do you have what it takes?

It is possible to register until 31 July 2013.

ENFANT noun, 'Descendant', whatever their age.
TERRIBLE adj. (informal) Extraordinary, astonishing, terrific, remarkable.

When used together in the plural, these two words become the name of a new film festival!

Are you an enfant terrible?

Don't hesitate to join the Enfants terribles Facebook community!


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