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Folklore And Tradition : Carnival

The Chinel Carnival in Fosse-la-Ville

The Chinel Carnival in Fosse-la-Ville
© WBT / JL Flemal
  • Opening periods
    • from Sunday 26 March 2017 to Monday 27 March 2017
    • Address:
      Rue d'Orbey
      5070 FOSSES-LA-VILLEBelgium

    • MAPS: Google Maps

    Discover this folkloric group known for its colourful disguises with a hump on the back and one the thorax... In Fosse-la-Ville in March 2015!

    Descended from the famous "Polichinelle" and his cousin "Pulcinella" of the Commedia dell'Arte, the Chinels of Fosses-La-Ville owe their fame to both their ancestors and the fascinating costumes they wear today.

    They are outstanding with their two exaggerated rounded humps. And their sumptuous, vibrantly coloured silk and satin garments shimmer and jingle to the rhythm of their dances and devilish capers, (cabrioles), and to the tune of the four "tunes of Chinel".

    The parade marches on to the deafening beat of the drums and the wild tunes played by the "Pierrots" musicians. The Chinels are preceded by the "Little Chinels" who weave among the Stiltwalkers and the trench diggers whose bodies are covered in leaves.

    Where fairies, tradition and folklore meet!

    Practical information

    The parade leaves rue d'Orbey at 2pm. Final rondeau at around 6pm on the Market Square.


    • tel. : +32 (0) 473 80 52 43


    • tel. : +32 (0) 71 71 46 24
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