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Folklore And Tradition : Festivities And Folkloric Traditions

Witches' Sabbath

Witches' Sabbath
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Discover Ellezelles, a place of witchcraft, folklore and tradition in 2015!

405-year commemorations (1610-2014) & 44th anniversary of the Sabbath. 

For over 40 years, "Lès Chorchîles" have made our community famous well over the borders of our forests and have earned it the title of "Elected folklore village". 

The Sabbath Committee has made this a lasting tradition by infusing the event with renewed energy. A demon will be descending on the "le Mareû" and will gleefully preside a sound and lights show with evil creatures, both folklore and historical, in a surge of pyrotechnic effects.

Set up in 1972, this folkloric event aims to commemorate the existence of witches in Ellezelles and their execution in 1610.

The public is invited at 6pm to the Ellezelles square to welcome the famous witches, devils and werewolf.

A series of entirely free performances will precede the event. 

At around 9:15pm, the witches will invite spectators to join them in the "mareu", where they will perform their Sabbath in front of the Devil in person. 

After the parade, around 10:15pm, a strange spectacle of light and sound will commence, interrupted by the local guards. Several witches will be arrested... but what a mystery! What will become of them? 

The event takes place each year on the last Saturday of June.


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