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Folklore And Tradition

Saint Lambert Folkloric March in Cerfontaine

Saint Lambert Folkloric March in Cerfontaine
© SI Cerfontaine

The Saint Lambert Folkloric March taking place on 15 August in Cerfontaine, along with Napoleonic-style uniforms and a music parade. A UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.

History of the Napoleonic March in Cerfontaine

Cerfontaine is one of the forty Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse towns that was incorporated into France in 1793 and which remained there until December 1815.

The Saint Lambert March in Cerfontaine was founded to honour the memory of the local conscripts that fought throughout Europe in the ranks of Napoleon's army. 

Among the survivors, several were awarded the Croix de Sainte Hélène (Saint Helen Cross), which can be seen at the Museum of Local Life in Cerfontaine.

The day's schedule

The Napoleonic Saint Lambert March in Cerfontaine takes place every year on 15 August.

Sappers, grenadiers, police, the Zouave, light infantry and artillerymen march to the sound of drums and fifes.

10am: Mass
11am: Departure of the procession
12.30pm: Return of the procession
8pm: Return of companies and squadrons

The Saint Lambert March distinguishes itself from other by a squadron of over 50 cavalrymen, wearing an exact replica of the uniforms of which the soldiers of the Empire wore.

Full information can be found here (link in French only).

Origins of the Napoleonic march

The Marches have religious roots and were influenced by the Napoleonic era. They evolved during the 20th century to become what they are today.

Instructions for the marches

From May until September (link in French only).


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