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famillesFolklore And Tradition : Flowers

The Brussels Flower Carpet, a major event on the Grand Place

The Brussels Flower Carpet, a major event on the Grand Place
© WBT - J.P. Remy

This creation is a genuine challenge: 1800m², 1 million flowers and artisans working tirelessly at the Grand Place in Brussels from 12 to 16/08/16!

This summery weekend welcomes this authentic masterpiece of floral art that adorns the Grand Place cobblestones.

This magnificent multicoloured carpet can be admired from the balcony of the City Hall, which will be open to visitors.

The Flower Carpet only happens every two years, so don't hesitate to come and admire it in 2016.

Composition of the Flower Carpet

Around 600,000 begonias are used. They offer a rich palette of bright, glimmering colours and can boldly resist the sun's heat. Cut only once, as the creators place them directly onto the cobblestones, without soil. 

The result? A ephemeral flower scene, that must be seen at least once in your life.

The design and preparation of this monumental piece of work has taken months. However, the setting-up process takes just one day. The expert creators behind it appreciate the fiddly bits that comes with it. This floral piece of work is completely out of the ordinary.

Practical Information

The Flower Carpet is set up for just 1 weekend, that being the Assomption public holiday.

Why not come and admire it for free at the Grand Place. Or opt for a panoramic view from the Town Hall balcony (although, there is a charge for this).


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