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Fair : Discovery

Japan Expo Belgium

Japan Expo Belgium
© Belgium Japan Expo

Traditional AND modern Japanese culture fair bringing together all organisations with traditional Japanese activities. At Tour & Taxis, 01 - 03/11/13

Both a traditional fair...

  • Bonzai pruning,
  • Calligraphy (writing Japanese characters with a brush),
  • The game Go (a strategy game with the object of surrounding your opponent's pieces),
  • Origami (paper folding),
  • Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging),
  • Martial arts and Sumi-e (traditional painting).

...and a contemporary fair

  • Manga,
  • J-music,
  • Karaoke,
  • Fanzines drawn by amateur manga enthusiasts,
  • Video games,
  • Dance Revolution pads (dance competition on electronic pads),
  • inflatable sumo wrestling, etc.

In sum, non stop entertainment over 2 days!

Quiz, anime showings, beginners' guides... There'll be something for everyone!

And to top it all off:

A big Cosplay competition (costumes inspired by manga or video games) on Sunday afternoon!

Japan Expo, pure pleasure for Japan-lovers!

Admissions prices:

Friday 02/11: €9
Saturday 03/11: €12
Sunday 04/11: €10
3-day ticket: €27
Zen ticket: €35!

More information on the festival can be found on the website.

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We are not responsible for any changes in dates and/or programmes. Please contact the organiser prior to departure.