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famillesExhibition : Science

Brain Twisters! A fun exhibition in Brussels

Brain Twisters! A fun exhibition in Brussels
© Museum des sciences naturelles
  • Opening periods
    • from Thursday 1 January 2015 to Sunday 30 August 2015 (except on: Monday)
      • Tuesday-Friday : 09:30-17:00
      • Weekends and holidays : 10:00-18:00
      • Tuesday-Sunday (School holidays) : 10:00-18:00
  • Address:
    Muséum des Sciences Naturelles
    Rue Vautier 29
    1000 BRUXELLESBelgium

  • MAPS: Google Maps

Decipher your brain and its astounding possibilities! An expo that will really get your brain working, at the Natural Science Museum until 30/08/15.

5o, y0u'v3 m4n4g3d t0 r34d th1s f1rst l1ne! 1t's 4st0n1sh1ng wh4t y0ur br41n c4n d0, 1sn't 1t? Did you understand that? And it's no magic trick. The brain adapts and learns things incredibly quickly.

But how does it work? How many optical illusions and tricks manage to deceive it? And, what about animal brains? Thanks to this expo, you will discover exactly what happens in your cranial box:

  • Put your neurons to the test in the Cognitilab,
  • Explore the anatomy of your cerebral hemispheres in 3D with the Cervomaton,
  • And don't let yourself get trapped in our optical illusions.

Interactive videos and games complete this fascinating journey into the centre of your brain...

Brain Twisters is accessible to young neurons (+10 years) and grown-up brains! 

Learn more about their new features and join the Museum of Natural Sciences on Facebook! 

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We are not responsible for any changes in dates and/or programmes. Please contact the organiser prior to departure.