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With the family
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With the girls
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Weekends and themed itineraries in Brussels

Brussels with the family

A weekend in Brussels with the kids, plenty of activities to share and enjoy young and old. Brussels with the family, with the children, it’s intense and fascinating.


Brussels with the girls

Have you ever thought of going away for a girls' weekend? You were just thinking about it! Look no further for the perfect's Brussels. On the menu: culture, relaxation, fashion and nights out!

Brussels with the girls: one weekend, 3 days, 3 itineraries

Romantic Brussels

Are you looking for a romantic city setting for a weekend with your sweetheart? Welcome to Brussels! Architectural heritage, fine food and drink, lively markets… you won't be disappointed!


Brussels, city of the arts

With its architectural heritage, its dozens of museums and unusual places like the marionette theatre, Brussels has plenty to interest lovers of the arts! And what is more, they can enjoy fine local food and drink between indulging their other passions!


A gay capital of Europe

With its legendary BELGIAN LESBIAN AND GAY PRIDE (BRUSSELS), and its monthly “La Démence” one-nighters which are famous across Europe, and its position at the head of the gay movement’s avant-garde…Brussels is also the gay capital of Europe! This shows in the complete integration of its lesbian and gay communities with the rest of the population… and even a statue in honour of gay liberation in the city’s gay district !!

Gay Routes

Brussels, Queen of taste

The capital of Belgium has over 1,500 restaurants (Gourmet and Gastronomic Belgium), each of which is living proof that the city has the best food in Europe: exquisite mussels, meat and fish, waffles and, of course, the best beer and chocolate (Chocolate makers) in the world!


Culture, going out and good food

Brussels is a great place for young people! One reason is the large number of young professional people employed by the European institutions who live in the city, whose international dynamism is obvious in the streets and on nights out in Brussels!

Itinerary for young people