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Agenda of events in Wallonia and Brussels

Looking for an event in Belgium? Discover lots of ideas for outings in Brussels and Wallonia, for a day, weekend or night.

Exhibitions, festivals, fêtes, fairs and diverse activities await you. There's something for all ages, budgets and styles.

Fill in the following form and pick your next event in Wallonia or Brussels!

The information you will obtain is given on indicative basis. Please contact the event organisers before you visit.

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16/05/2014 > Block Parties Festival (WALLONIE)

What if we invited the neighbours over for a drink? An original initiative to meet others and get to know them. In Brussels the 31/05/13....
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18/06/2014>31/08/2014 > Summer of photography - biennial exhibit (BRUXELLES)

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10/07/2014>13/07/2014 > "Les Ardentes" Festival (LIEGE)

"Les Ardentes" offers a mix of international and local artists, with a friendly atmosphere and a great line-up. In Liège from 11 to 14 July 2013....
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16/07/2014>21/07/2014 > The Spa Francofolies: 20 years! Exceptional line-up! (SPA)

Numerous stages host internationally-known French-speaking artists for unforgettable shows! In Spa in July 2014!...
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17/07/2014>21/07/2014 > Dour Music Festival (DOUR)

A unique, international, alternative, independent, multicultural, ambitious and high quality line-up. That's Dour Music Festival, from 18 to 21/07/13....
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07/2014 > Belgian Trials & Mountainbiking Championships at the Eau d'Heure Lakes (BOUSSU-LEZ-WALCOURT)

Experience a major event which will attract a large crowd hungry for excitement and entertainment. In Boussu-Lez-Walcourt, 20 & 21/07/13!...
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07/2014 > Beer festival in Namur (ANSEREMME)

The aim is simple: to create a friendly atmosphere to promote beers brewed in the province of Namur. In Anseremme, July 2014!...
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