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First World War centenary: events and commemorations calendar


Discover the calendar for the First World War commemoration events organised in Wallonia and Brussels.

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04/07/2014>04/01/2015 > "Tournai, August 1914. A city's descent into war" - Exhibtiion (TOURNAI)

Exhibition centred on the battle lead by 2 battalions of the 83rd and 84th infantry regiments of the French territorial army...taking place in Tournai from 04/07/14 to 04/01/15!...
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02/08/2014>30/05/2015 > Liège in turmoil - Exhibition at the Museum of Walloon Life (LIEGE)

Journey back in time with never before seen personal accounts and archives, in a historical and humanist exhibition. In Liège from 02/08 to 31/05/15!...
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02/08/2014>30/05/2015 > I was 20 in 1914 - Exhibition in Liège Guillemins Station (LIEGE)

Visit a remarkable exhibition, as part of the 100-year anniversary commemorations of the First World War. In Liège from 02/08 to 31/05/15!...
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20/08/2014>23/11/2014 > "The First & the Last" exhibition at BAM in Mons (MONS)

An exhibition of works from art students from London and Mons. Discover a different vision of 1914-1918 at BAM (Fine Arts Museum) in Mons from 20/08 to 23/11/14....
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22/08/2014>23/11/2014 > Visionary artists (1880-1913) at the BAM in Mons (MONS)

Discover this expo in which the themes test the limits between naturalism, symbolism and expressionism. In Mons from 22/08 to 23/11/14....
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22/08/2014>23/11/2014 > 14-18 Exhibition: The Battle of Mons - objects bear witness at BAM (MONS)

Discover, thanks to this exhibition, the significant events of the Battle of Mons, which took place in August 1914. In Mons from 22/08/14 to 23/11/14!...
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23/08/2014>14/12/2014 > "Soudain le chaos" (Suddenly chaos) exhibition in Charleroi (COUILLET)

Charleroi's archives tell you the story of the happenings in August 1914 and about the signing of the Treaty of Couillet, at an exhibition on display until 14/12/2014....
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