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Remembrance tourism


Our country has preserved the traces of past wars with memorials, historic sites, cemetaries and historical reconstructions open to the public.


Many museums exhibit vestiges such as artefacts and documents and retrace these dark periods of our history.

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Leave through the rue des Ponts towards the Semois and walk alongside the near-island "tour du Boult " which served as refuge to the inhabitants of Herbeumont on 23 August 1914,...
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Loncin Fort, a unique site, witness of the Great War in Liège (LONCIN)

Loncin Fort is considered to be the symbol of the Battle of Liège and Belgium's heroism against the German attack in 1914....
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Memorial Interallié - Allies' Memorial in Liège (LIEGE)

As the first city to have effectively opposed the invaders in 1914, Liège was chosen in 1925 by the International Federation of Allied Ex-Servicemen to erect an inter-Allied...
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Memorial-Museum for the "Régiment 12ème de Ligne Prince Leopold" (SPA)

Military building. Arms, equipment, pictures and documents concerning the "Régiment 12è de Ligne Prince Léopold - 13è de Ligne", from 1830 to today....
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Military Cemeteries and Sponsoring a Grave in Ploegsteert (PLOEGSTEERT)

Military cemeteries where close to 6000 fallen British soldiers who lost their lives during the Great War lie....
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Remembrance trails in Val de Sambre and Thudinie (THUIN)

Set off along the paths of First World War remembrance in the Val de Sambre and Thudinie region in Belgium....
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Saint-Symphorien Military Cemetery (SPIENNES)

Gather your thoughts in one of Belgium's most beautiful military cemeteries, only 2km from Mons, an unmissable remembrance tourism site....
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