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Green Spaces and Ecotourism in Brussels


With its many parks, gardens and woods, Brussels has no less than 40 square metres of green space per resident. Which makes it the greenest capital in Europe.

Right in the city centre, moments away from the The Grand-Place in Brussels, you can stroll through the The Mont des Arts garden or lounge in a hammock bench in the small park opposite the cathedral. And not far away, the wide paths of the splendidBrussels Park are an invitation to go for a wander

At the lower end of the rue de la Régence, as you enter the pretty PETIT SABLON SQUARE you will see bronze statuettes on the railings that surround it, representing all the traditional trades of bygone days. You can then walk back up the rue aux Laines and into EGMONT PARK. Such tranquillity! You would never know that you were only moments away from the bustling place Louise! You really can walk through Brussels and meet almost nothing but trees along the way!

The further away you get from the city centre, the more grandiose the green spaces become: for example, the Cinquantenaire Park and its museums or the 71-hectare, English-style PARK OF WOLUWE .


At the very end of the avenue Louise, the WOOD OF LA CAMBRE seamlessly takes you straight from the city into the heart of nature. At the edge of the lake, do as the natives do: take the old-fashioned ferryboat to Robinson’s Island and enjoy ice cream with speculoos in its charming chalet. The bike is the ideal mode of transport for discovering the hidden treasures of this green city.

To find out more about our green spaces, visit

Bruxelles Environnement also offers an interactive map of the green spaces in the Region.


Don’t delay – make the most of our parks and gardens now!

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