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Bicentenary Waterloo 1815: events and commemorations calendar


Don't miss the largest battle re-enactment, the bivouacs, activities... In short, a large number of events dedicated to the Bicentenary of Waterloo 1815!

In 2015,  Waterloo invites you to witness history.

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17/06/2015>21/06/2015 > Bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo - Historical reconstruction (WATERLOO)

Thousands of uniformed participants from several countries gather on the fields of Waterloo for a large historical reconstruction. From 17 to 21/06/15!...
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07/2015 > Historic Reconstruction: Napoleon, Wavre 1815 - Relive the Battle (WAVRE)

Not far from the Battle of Waterloo, another battle took place, known as the "forgotten battle". Re-live this battle in Wavre, 05 and 06/07/14....
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07/2015 > The Lion Mound Hamlet - 1815 Historical Re-enactments (WATERLOO)

Watch history brought back to life with historical re-enactment days! Every weekend this summer in Waterloo!...
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06/2016 > Napoleonic Bivouacs: Battles of Plancenoit and Hougoumont (WATERLOO)

One of the biggest battles in European history, due to both its size and its consequences. Rediscover the battle in Waterloo in June 2016!...
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